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Afroban IT offers you a full spectrum of IT services to ensure the stability and profitability of your business.

IT Project Management

We assess and align business strategies with IT infrastructure, sourcing, placing and managing IT specialists to ensure your every projects success.

Email and Domain Management

We manage services from the setup of domain orientated services to the maintenance and security of mail servers with multiple accounts.

IT Infrastructure Management

We specialise in both short and long term IT project management. Benchmarking vital systems against the best, rolling these technologies out for our clients.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data security is an essential for any business. We secure your information fidelity through on site / off site storage and disaster recovery plans.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Monitor and manage project infrastructure and development milestones securely from remote sites through our systems design.

Cloud Deployment Partner

We enable convenient, on-demand access to networks, servers, storage, and applications that can be rapidly deployed with minimal management.

On-Site Support

We ensure high fidelity systems are maintained on-site, at your business, by qualified IT technicians, developers and systems managers.

Server and Network Administration

We secure network information fidelity
connecting users and systems by offering professional maintenance and administration.

Desktop Deployment Services

We offer you managed virtual or physical server delivery to assist with desktop and/or application development, deployment and strategy.

Turn-Key Branding Solutions

Beyond IT Solutions we also offer turn-key branding and design services and maintenance aimed at assisting both established businesses and start-ups.

Graphic Design Services

From branding to the design and production of print / online / broadcast / educational material let us put your mind at ease with top of the line delivery.

Online Multimedia Services

Whether it is social media positioning, the creation of a website or unique online content, be it static or animated, let's get people talking about your brand.

Our Successes

We share our success with our Clients.
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Resources and Infrastructure Assistance


IT Resourcing and Placement

City of Polokwane

Infrastructure Design and Deployment


Add Microsoft services and support value to your business.

  • Microsoft

    Azure (Cloud Solutions)

    Created for managing and deploying applications and services, the infrastructure provides both Paas and Iaas services and supports multiple programming languages.

  • Microsoft

    SharePoint Deployment Services

    Manage, deploy or archive content in your SharePoint environments from a single place. This includes bulk editing of metadata and the support for the infrastructure. Deploy straight to your intranet and SharePoint infrastructure.


  • Microsoft

    BizTalk and Integration Services

    Automate processes by connecting your applications. Increase productivity with enterprise application integration. Automate your business process execution and workflow by seamlessly connecting your on-premises systems to cloud-based applications with BizTalk Server

  • Microsoft

    Office 365 Deployment Services

    Access your office from anywhere at any time. Review stats, build reports, access data and secure your files. Let us simplify your business approach.

  • Microsoft

    Solution Design and Architecture

    In the fast paced world of solutions development, maintaining agility and flexibility over business and infrustructure design choice is the first step to success.


- Why we believe in what we do -

Jan de Wet

- Managing Director -

At AfrobanIT it is our mission to provide our clients with simple, effective and modern
Information Technology solutions that works for both the individual and the organisation.

appreciates the fact that every client is unique, and that every solution must be
catered and adapted for the individual to create a culture of success.
Here at AfrobanIT we believe the key to achieving success, is to invest in our talent and to
empower our people that will allow them the freedom to unlock their true potential. We strive
to assist our clients
with transparency and integrity to allow them to achieve their own true potential.

 We keep it personal, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done!


Allow us the opportunity to add value to your business.

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